Your Safety

RollRandom works hard to prevent creepers from using the app, but you can never be too safe. Although we encourage real world meet ups, please take these precautions when meeting somebody for the first time.

1.) Speak to them on the phone or video chat: You want to make sure that they are who they say they are. If something seems a little strange or they refuse to talk over the phone or video chat…it’s not worth meeting up with them. Please report them if they seem shady.

2.) Meet in well lit, public areas: You should never meet somebody in a private residence for the first time. Try and set a meeting spot in a well lit, public area.

3.) Meet in groups: It’s ALWAYS better to meet new people with your closest friends. Not only is it less awkward, but they’ll have your back and look after you.

4.) Let others know: Let your friends or family members that are NOT going with you know exactly where you plan on going, who you plan on meeting, and when you are planning on returning. This ensures that if nobody can get a hold of you, they’ll have a good idea how to find you.

5.) Actively use Block and Report functions: If anyone is giving you bad vibes or making you feel uncomfortable please block or report them.