Here’s the deal…

Socioeconomic status is immaterial.

Check your ego and leave the bullsh*t elsewhere.


This is a drama free community.



Ideal topics of conversation:

Anything that is positive, motivating, or uplifting in nature

Anything that provides entertainment, comedic, or musical value

Anything that you truly think the community will vibe on



Posts that a majority of RR Fam cannot derive significant value from are frowned upon and will be marked for deletion.



Members exhibiting any of the following nonsense will be banned:

Obnoxious self promotion

Requests for followers

Irrelevant banter & SPAM

Blatant, immature, public statements suggesting drug use or illegal activity



There is a strict, zero tolerance policy against any “creeper” like behavior or harassment.

(Don’t be a douche)



Above all, everyone is here for the same reasons so make your presence felt, but don’t try too hard. This is your community, so please treat it as such.


Keep it Real, Keep it Raw, Keep it Random