Ever wanted to connect with people going to the same music festivals, raves, undergrounds, or clubs you are going to? Ever wanted to browse the guest lists of these events and be able to hit up anyone about pre-parties, after-parties, or just locate like minded, chill people in your area that are ACTUALLY down to kick it?

RollRandom® has you covered. RollRandom connects you with the people and events you WANT to connect with minus the BS. Everyone that decides to Roll Random is here for the same reasons. The only thing that matters is that you have an open mind and are down to meet new people.

It’s pretty simple. Post, Connect, Meet, Repeat.

Roll [rōl]
 to describe one’s general philosophy or mindset. ie; “This is how I roll.”
 suggesting social coordination. ie; “Let’s roll to the party.” “Who else is down to roll out with us tonight?”

Random [ran-dəm]
 something or a group of things that follow no set criteria or pattern.

RollRandom [rōl-ran-dəm]
 a mindset of being down with whatever life brings; down to explore, learn, and adapt along the way; not sweating insignificant things that truly do not affect one’s state of being.
 to not rule out any possibilities; approaching everything and everyone with a free and enlightened, open mind.
 to go out with no set plans or agenda; exhibiting tactical spontaneity.


Uniting chill people from all walks of life into one network is RollRandom’s mission. The ultimate goal is for anyone, anywhere, at anytime to be able to open up the RollRandom app and connect with legit, like-minded people.

Rave/electronic music culture has taught us to cherish, share, and live by the mantra of PLURR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, and Responsibility). We believe that the non-judgmental, embracing, and positive environment prevalent within these music festivals should carry over after the last record is spun and permeate our daily routines. We are confident that our culture’s good vibes and core philosophies are the keys to unlocking humanity’s social potential and enriching the lives of everyone. You are at the forefront of this movement.  At the end of the day, We are all connected.

It’s pretty simple. Post, Connect, Meet, Repeat.